The Shells


Two conch shells nestled,
hidden under cover of predawn sky.
Magnetized by the moon,
they drew my feet nigh,
to the secret place in the slipping tide,
where I would have eyes to see,
and truth could no longer hide.

I had already run too many miles.
Lost in a sea of thoughts
about love gone awry
and life’s crooked wiles.
Shoes continuously pounding.
Body moving with sway.
I nimbly moved past an errant wave.
Then my thoughts gave way!

No calm in this breaking day, 
until repentance.
Change your direction!   
Let God have His Perfect Say!   

My pace faltered.

Was that God’s nudging I had perceived?
Did I hear right?
From this crushing storm I could be relieved?

Another thought my own mind conceived:
If I relent to the Lord,
I will never again be love-deceived!   
The Spirit is giving me ears to hear – 
and a heart that truly believes!   

Then I heard a whisper:
“There is a man whose heart is huge.”
And you, he will lead.”

And so I ran harder toward the dawn’s new light.
Sure that God would grant wisdom, peace and might.
The promise of a man who will do what is right –
One who knows His name and will be my armored knight.
A man who will find in me, trustworthiness, adoration and delight.

No more sidestepping!
I was abiding.
Trusting Him to ease my plight!

And so the tide receded.
And the shells came into sight.

They lay side by side in the sand,
Like two lovers.
One, a third the size of the other.
They reflected the conversation
God and I just had with one another!

Abruptly, I stopped to gaze at these two souls,
connecting, confiding,
the larger with the greater voice:
the protector and defender,
the leader of choice.

“But when will I find him?
This marathon has caused injury, mistakes.
Surely, soon, the man of Your choosing
Will appear in my life space!   
Indeed, the man who has the endurance needed 
to help me finish this race!”

I lingered, hoping His answer would yield
More than a trace.

Then He spoke.
And I heard His Voice Godspeed!
“My daughter, you are in bondage to the notion
that a mortal man is all you need!
I am the larger shell!
Your Husband,
Lover and Friend!

Learn to trust Me above all others
in this life.
Then, I will send,
the man of your dreams to you.
On this, My Word, you can depend.
So, I am preparing the man
Who will support this dictate.
But to finish the work I began in you,
we must wait.
You see, I granted Satan permission
to sift you as wheat!
But that drove you to repentance, 
Baptism and release!   
Soon you will teach your sisters
the story of the shells.
How when they trust me first,
their fears and burdens
are released and dispelled.
So teach them how to run to me to be safe!
That My Name is their strong tower.
That when they come to Me,
they receive favor and power.

“Now, with that Word spoken, 
you go, and bless others.
I’ll be taking care of the rest!”

And so I gathered the shells,
and held them tight to my chest.
Love Tokens to have and to hold,
while I wait for His best.

P. S.
I departed with a bonfire heart
Ignited by the Holy Spirit spark!
And I am free, indeed!
Lord, I do trust You!
You give me everything  I need!

By Emily E.  Gardner
February 18, 2014

This poem was inspired by a run on the beach in November, 2013shells2