The 8 Keys page

cross_beachREALIZE: If we are stuck and consumed by problems, the life we live is not the one God intended – though a much higher level of living can be discovered and experienced. To begin discovering that life, we must REALIZE the greatest truths about God and His arch Enemy, Satan, the Deceiver of our souls.

REROUTE: We are born into Enemy Territory, displaced, and disconnected from God’s love. So we must REROUTE – turn from our own way of living life and follow His lead. When we make a conscious decision to do this, we become connected to His Spirit power and can begin hearing his voice.

RECEIVE: God’s plan has involved partnering with ordinary people to accomplish His work – so we humans could be bought back from the power of Satan and restored to our original state as sons and daughters. When we believe and RECEIVE the Good News about Jesus, our identity as God’s Children is reinstated, with all the rights and privileges thereof. We then have access to the Power and Love of God. Satan’s power over us can be thwarted.

RELEASE: God has made available to His Children all the Power needed to live the life of abundance He has promised. However, we must overcome nearsightedness, stubbornness and hardheartedness through the RELEASE of bondages that keep us enslaved and unable to embrace our new way of life.

RENEW: Power Flow occurs when we receive the same deep revelations that Jesus received, from the same sources Jesus tapped: the Word of God and the Presence of God. So we must follow the same recipe Jesus followed, starting with faith, then applying the Word and the presence in equal measures. The result is a RENEWED mind and a changed heart – a transformed life filled with peace, freedom and power.

REDIRECT: To live the Kingdom Life we must consistently REDIRECT our focus and approach. It’s this simple: run to Jesus. When we are with Him, automatic alignment with God’s perfect will and purpose occurs. This is our created destiny.

REJOICE: Joy is a byproduct of the Holy Spirit that must be RECEIVED. But we have to make room for it. In other words, if our “cups” are full of negative, hurtful things to which we have grown attached, we have to RELEASE those things – so REJOICING can come in full measure and then overflow to others.

REPEAT: At all costs we must guard our hearts. For from the heart, our life flows. Guarding the heart is analogous to listening to God’s voice. When we listen, our understanding increases. When we let our guard down, we risk losing our ability to hear. REPEATING the steps delineated in this book keeps one fully aligned with God’s greatest purposes!