An Affirmation for You


I am imagining that my life is a cup. And my cup is full of many things – some dark things, such as fear, anxiety, selfishness, pride, addiction, offense (I have been wounded or offended by someone), deception, sickness.

But I am sitting at Your feet, Jesus. It’s the Secret Place! Yes, I am here with You! And You are eager to give me everything I need – EVERYTHING. But there is no room in my cup. It is so full of these other things.

And so You are asking me to POUR OUT those things that are dark (i.e. RELEASE) so as to make room for all the things of Your choosing.

So I RELEASE the darkness. I give those things to You. I am handing them over! You are dealing with these things for me! I am making room in my cup. And You are giving me peace, confidence, joy, revelation, understanding, contentment, humility, health, wholeness. You are giving me everything I need! And I feel Your love, Your acceptance, Your kindness. Now my cup is full of those things. And my cup is overflowing those things to others.