About the Book

Finding the Secret Place: 8 Keys to Experiencing God’s Presence is a practical guide to transformation based on the heartbreak experience of one ordinary woman.  Written from a Christian perspective, the author leads the reader through a series of steps – which begins in a place of disappointment and despair – but ultimately leads to peace, freedom and power.  The process starts with an emphasis on realizing the truth about one’s self, then being willing to change direction, focus and approach so as to become aligned with God’s greatest plans and purposes.

cover477Finding the Secret Place is simply written, but deeply theological.  Those with limited knowledge of the Bible will find it an easy and interesting read.   But those with greater knowledge and spiritual experience will be challenged to go deeper into the presence of God.  A study guide for individual or small group use is included.

The impetus for Finding the Secret Place was a poem the author wrote concerning a revelation received while running on the beach.  The poem, entitled “The Shells,” was initially written for her own edification.  It was intended to simply document and remember the happening, which illuminated a lifelong bondage undetected until that time.  Later, the author identified eight sequential, spiritual concepts in the poem.  These concepts – REALIZE, REROUTE, RECEIVE, RELEASE, RENEW, REDIRECT, REJOICE and REPEAT – became the basis for the book.

Who will benefit from reading this book?  Women and men of all ages who are struggling with identity issues due to broken and/or lost relationships; people who have experienced losses due to sickness or death; people “stuck” in life due to personal blocks; further, any person who desires to manifest God’s Power and Love within his or her sphere of influence – so as to fulfill His highest purposes and participate in His Big Story plans.

Church people who are feeling trapped in legalisms and overanalysis of doctrinal issues may also benefit.

Finding the Secret Place is a visual story explaining God’s intense and neverending love for us, His children.  His intentions have always been Good.  But many times His plans have been thwarted due to our own lack of understanding and revelation. The main message: when we are disappointed and frustrated due to circumstances or brokenness we can always find our way back to the place where God is able to meet all of our deepest needs.