About the Author – Q&A

emily2A former English teacher and journalist, Emily Gardner Foppe is a mother of three adult children and a grandmother of four.  She has worked in financial services for a number of years, loves living near the beach and enjoys running and working out.  She is a self-described “ordinary woman” who has experienced the ups and downs of life, including marriage, divorce and singleness – and enjoys speaking, writing and praying so as to help and encourage others.

Emily is passionate about her volunteer work as a prayer minister at Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, FL.  Another passion is ministering to the people of Haiti.  Recently, she taught illiterate Haitian women in a small mountain community the concepts about which she writes in Finding the Secret Place. She used vivid poster board pictures to explain, along with a good translator!

Emily’s most recent life change:  she married Larry!  They are bicoastal, dividing their time between Arizona and Florida.


1. Why are you particularly qualified to write a book like this?

I’m not really! I’m just an ordinary woman. Everything I write about is based on my personal experience. But I think I do have a message that people are ready to hear. I had a spiritual breakthrough after many years of struggle. What I discovered is something that worked for me. And I find it works for others.

2. What is the main message of Finding the Secret Place?

That God is a Generous God. He is our Father. He is a Giver! He loves us! He really wants to give us so many great things – in fact, He wants to give us everything we need. He desires to transform us so we can rise above the things that are holding us back. The problem is that we are terrible receivers. We go to the wrong sources to find what we need.

3. What does He want to give?

He wants to give us peace and freedom. He wants to give us power to be transformed so we won’t keep wallowing around in our circumstances. Our perception of past and present circumstances keep us so restricted in terms of what we can experience and receive from God. We have to get released from the past – and the present, as the case may be.

4. What is our problem with receiving?

We have been deceived because we live in a fallen world. Typically, we listened to the voice of our counterfeit father, Satan, for decades. So, even as believers, our minds remain twisted to a great extent. For example, we blame God for things that are not His fault. The truth is this: He has wanted only Good for us. But we are not convinced. We have been listening to the wrong voice for so long! We need progressive revelation and understanding that only our true Father God speaks. When we learn to hear His voice we break through!

5. How do you get this revelation you speak of?

Well, it is “hidden.” Until we seek to find it. If we really want it, God will show it to us in the Secret Place. The Secret Place is His Presence.

6. How do you find God’s Presence?

Ahhh. That’s what I finally figured out! Once I found it, I realized that I needed to live there! I wanted to live there! There are some steps to finding Him in the Secret Place that I have delineated in the book. They are Realize, Reroute, Receive, Release, Renew, Redirect, Rejoice and, of course, Repeat! These are all vital steps. I’m still learning how to do it! But God is so Good to me. He is patient. The point is this: when you follow the steps you can find the place where God is. It is a quiet place. It takes time, just being quiet and resting, not striving. Just being, not doing.

7. In the book you talk about The One Thing. What does that mean?

It means most everyone has a One Thing that holds them down. It usually has something to do with the past. It could be a person, an addiction, a situation. Power and healing come when we truly release the One Thing to God. He can handle it!

8. What would be the One Thing you have discovered or rediscovered about God’s Plan that has made a difference for you?

That He truly has given us all the tools we need. We just have to learn to use them! One of the main things I talk about in the book is the amazing power of Jesus’s perfect blood shed for us. It sounds so elementary. But I had been a believer for over 30 years before I understood how to use my faith to appropriate the blood of Jesus in my life. That is the provision that God made for us – Jesus’s blood. It’s a mystery why or how this works. But the Bible clearly teaches that the blood is the REASON we can get all the Spirit power we need. The resurrection proved to the world that the Holy Spirit was released and available – that humans finally had full access to the Power of God once again. But the release came because of the blood. This power is what sets Christianity apart. Other religions have no blood, no resurrection and consequently no “dunamis” – i.e. dynamite power!

9. Do you think we are seeing more Spirit power used in these days?

Increasingly! The power of the early church waned after the 4th century A.D. The church moved from being a living, spiritpowered organism to an institution. For the last 100 years the church has seen more miracles and healings – signs and wonders. Jesus gave his disciples the authority to perform signs and wonders. Now we are seeing more and more of that power demonstrated – in all areas of our being – spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions) and body. This is what I am writing about in Finding the Secret Place.

10. Anything else you would want to leave with us?

That God only works through people to change things. However, He is not a puppeteer. He could just snap His fingers and be done with it. But that’s not how He has ever operated. He gave us CHOICE and FREEDOM in the beginning. And His integrity would never allow Him to take those things away from us. So He is calling out to us. He wants to give us responsibility. He needs us! We have to listen to what He is saying so we can learn to manifest His life here on earth. That’s how He changes things. Through us. We are the Change Agents! But we have to RECEIVE transformation, freedom and power. And all things work together: Ironically, our ultimate breakthrough to healing and transformation comes when we get involved in what God is doing around us – when we decide to participate!