A Prayer for You


I am satisfied to be/rest with You here in the Secret Place of Your Presence.  I am satisfied to allow you to love me.  I feel Your love.  I feel Your embrace.  I am satisfied to let You pull me close into Your heart.  My heart is one with Your heart.  My mind is one with Your mind.  Our spirits are intertwined, joined.  I am content to trust You, to love You – to let You protect me from people, situations, circumstances.  I am safe here with You.  You are meeting all my needs – physical, mental, emotional.

Thank you, Lord, Holy Spirit!  You don’t judge me here.  You just love me!  You lift me up!

I need peace.  You are giving me peace, wisdom and knowledge.  I am addicted to You, Holy Spirit.  Here is where I and come to get disconnected from all darkness that has gripped me.  It is where all my unhealthy addictions are dismantled, disconnected, leveled.  And it is where You remind me that what we have here, together, is what makes my life RIGHT. Yes, it is because of You, Jesus, that I am RIGHT (or righteous).  What I know and experience here with You is always true and RIGHT.  It is my true identity.  Thank You, Holy Spirit, for reminding me. Bring me here often!  So I can once again REST and REALIGN myself with You and let You love me.  So I can learn to live in the destiny You have created for me.